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Welcome to, providing a network of qualified investigators in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, Corpus Christi,El Paso, and other areas around Texas. People come here to find out about many things: To get assurance of our capabilities and integrity; for answers to specific questions they have in mind; to find out what kind of people we are and the kinds of things we do; and for other particular reasons. It is my hope that during your visit here you will find whatever you need to satisfy the purpose of your visit.

Houston, TexasI have been a professional Houston Texas private investigator for a long time, over 40 years to be more precise. In the course of my work I have conducted criminal investigations while in military service, served as an agent for private detective agencies, served as a staff investigator for the legal department of a major oil company and for a private law firm, was an inspector for a U.S. Government agency, and served as a deputy medical investigator for the New Mexico Medical Examiner's Office. This experience was gained in preparation for becoming a licensed investigation agency operator. I have licenses issued by the states of Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado and have conducted assignments throughout the United States and in many foreign countries. In my professional life, I feel confident that I have provided assistance to any number of people who came to me for the very reason you are visiting this site.

Here are some of the things you should know about our operations. I have a staff of well-qualified and experienced investigators who are qualified in the following areas of investigation:

  • Background investigation on applicants for employment and for all other purposes
  • Marital infidelity / adultery investigation (cheating spouses)
  • Location investigation (missing persons, heirs, fugitives, witnesses, parents of adopted children,and runaway children)
  • Fraud investigations (business / corporate, insurance, individuals, computer)
  • Internet piracy and other internet abuse cases
  • Child support cases
  • Divorce and child custody investigation
  • Accident investigation
  • Financial and asset discovery cases
  • Civil investigation (for attorneys representing plaintiffs and defendants)
  • Criminal investigation for victims (corporate, business, and private individuals
  • Insurance claims cases
  • Criminal defense cases
  • Wrongful death cases
  • Employee benifit abuse cases
  • Identity theft and privacy invasion cases
  • Proprietary information abuse investigations (copyright infringement and trademark violations
  • Arson investigations
  • Product counterfeiting investigation
  • Train derailment and aircraft accident cases
  • Personal curiosities and miscellaneous matters

We are friendly, understanding and willing to listen carefully to our clients. We believe that investigating is much more of an art than a science, and that common sense, skill and the ability to get along well with people are the real cornerstones of our profession. This web site was designed to provide you sufficient information and assurance that we are the right agency for you to choose to produce the facts that will make your case. We welcome your inquiry!
For an overview of our operations and services, click on About Us.

In addition to investigative services, David M. Grove, a certified instructor and approved sponsor, offers accredited continuing education courses and seminars to licensed investigators, attorneys and a variety of investigative specialists and forensic experts. Also, invitations from interested organizations to speak on private investigation are accepted. For further details, click on Continuing Education.

  • Member: National Association of Investigative Specialists
  • Texas License A 8653 - Fully insured for your protection

  • Foreign language-speaking agents and interpreters available for Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, and Indonesian.
  • Charges for services are reasonable and competitive with those other professional agencies.

Consultations are free and confidential! Available 24 hours a day.
Assignments conducted for court proceedings or personal use.

David M. Grove may be contacted by:

Toll-Free: 800-392-4641 (International)
Voice: 713-222-0494
FAX: 281-599-8573

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